Dr. Thomas performs a variety of gastrointestinal procedures. An initial consultation with the doctor is often mandatory so that a thorough assessment can be done, a diagnosis can be postulated, and management can be planned.


A gastroscopy assesses your oesophagus(food pipe), stomach and small intestine which make up the upper part of the digestive system.


A colonoscopy assesses your large intestine, often used as a screening tool to exclude cancers.

Endoscopic Ultrasound

This is a procedure where endoscopy and ultrasound are used together to get pictures of the organs in the chest, abdomen, and colon.

Bariatric Procedures

These procedures include intragastric balloon insertion and endoscopic sleeve gastrectomys.

Manometry and Ph Studies

Oesophageal physiology studies are a way to assess the functionality of the oesophageal muscles and valves.

Small Bowel Evaluations

An evaluation of the totality of the small intestine using a pillcam.

Abdominal Sonar

Abdominal sonar is used to non invasively evaluate the solid organs of the abdomen.


An endoscopic procedure that can be used to assess and manage bile and pancreatic duct problems such as stone removal